Writer's Block: And The Best Movie Is...
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From 3D epics to sidesplitting comedies to angst-filled vampire thrillers, this was a standout year for movies. Which flick would you award the honor of Best Movie?

Oh wow, I liked so many movies this year!  District 9 was AMAfuckinZING! (Can I copywrite that term?) Percy Jackson was infinitely better than I expected it to be, KickAss was... well, to be perfectly frank, it was kickass. I liked Gamer a lot, but I think it came out last year.

Avatar was good.
(Please! don't jump down my throat for not proclaiming it 'Jesus, Saviour of the Film Industry! It was good, I enjoyed it. It was not, however, the MovieMessiah it has been proclaimed as.)  As was Alice in Wonderland, Youth in Revolt, and... nope that's all I got right this mo'.

Writer's Block: Light reading
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Some books are inspirational. Others are intellectually stimulating or emotionally comforting. Then there are those juicy, mindless reads that are only good for a plane ride or the beach. Which books or authors fall under this last category?

Or I like Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. I wouldn't call it a brainless read by any means, but I've read it several (dozen, lol) times and I like to pick it up and read from the Savage's introduction to the modern world to the end whenever I'm just at a loss for what to do.

Whenever I just feel like reading and not really thinking I usually turn to my old standby. Hardy Boys Mysteries! lol I honestly love them, and the slang they use, and how utterly non-threatening the bad guys usually are. I keep them around the house, pick them up read a few pages. There's actually not really any pressing need to read the whole thing at once, I like to flip through and read random scenes from random books, but I've read them all already.

For a long plane ride or just to hang out (at the beach, wherever)? I'd probably choose either Harry Potter, again, I like to jump chapters and really just skim the stories.

Other than that I like to read slash fiction. ...Keep that quiet though, lol.

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I've been neglecting my self-imposed rule about venting here weekly at the very least. :(

I've just been to busy lurking here and on ff.net, aff.net, spanderfiles, etc, etc to post anything. I've read SO MUCH fanfic these last two weeks, it's wonder I'm not nauseous at the thought of more.

I'm not though. lol

I've been readings so much because I just recently got really into a few fandoms that are new(ish) for me. At least, it's new that I'm so obsessed with them, but I just can't get enough recently.

It's just so easy to fuel the addiction though, because I"ve got internet access on my cell so I just email the fics to myself and then whenever I've got nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs I whip out my phone and work through another story.

*sigh* The ONLY downside is that I've always had a tendency to sit up all night reading whatever book I"m on... and with my phone it's like the book never ends. There's always another fic just a link away and I'm just not strong enough to say no. lol

For heaven's sake, last night (and I define 'last night' VERY loosely) I didn't go to sleep until 10.

That's AM.

I slept four hours, got up at two, and got bitched at for being so lazy as to sleep until 2PM. It's not my fault that the spanderfiles have so many stories I've never read! lol I only recently found that particular site and I must power through!!! lol

So, enough about fanfiction. (I'm taking a 10 minute time out from it, lol.) Something fantastic happened today!!!

...in a very sexist, misogynist kind of way, lol.

I was playing this vocabulary game with my mother and my nephew (4). She tells him a big word (big for him, obviously) and he runs to find me and relate his new word and what it means, I give him another and he runs back to her. I guess the trick is him remembering the pronunciation and definition long enough to relate it. (We were in separate rooms, I was reading, she was watching tv.) So the game doesn't take much concentration from either myself or whoever else is helping, it occupies the boy, and he learns a bit.

Anyways, he comes in and tells he that 'horticulture' is "where you grow plants 'n water 'em and take good care of them."

My next word was 'entrails' because, well, because it's my job to corrupt the kid, okay! lol

She sends him back with 'egocentric.'

Just a quick sidebar to point out the difference between my mother's word choices and mine:
Hers: Jubilation, Egocentric, Horticultur, Levitation, and Inseperable.
Mine: Macabre, Entrails, Circumvent (he needs that one for military tactics in video games), Jugular, Decapitaion, and Effulgent (...doesn't fit with the others, but it's a personal favorite.)

Taking that last one a tad personally, lol, I send him back with 'Irrational' and the definition "Girls."

I hear her from the next room, laughing, and Joe asks her, "You're irrational?" and she says, "No, only some girls are like that. I'm special."

And he comes back at her with, "Nope. All girls," and the statement, "You have boobs so you must be irrational." Making it, of course, final.

I could not stop laughing. I've decided that from now on that little gem is set in stone.

I really hope no one is particularly insulted here. I do speak from experience. I have three sisters and a mother who all confirm my nephew's brilliant deduction.

I knew there was a reason I tolerated the kid. (Besides, his obvious knack for quoting movies as frequently as I do.)

Ta for now! I promise here and know to try to be more vigilant with my updates, in fact there may be another before the night is out. I have a few surveys lying around on my hard drive I've been meaning to fill out and post eventually.


Writer's Block: Mega Bite
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If you could own a restaurant, what type of food would you serve, and what would you call it?

My first thought was, "REAL FOOD!"

I. Love. Real food. For anyone who doesn't know what I mean by that: real food is food that everyone likes, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, soups, stews, beef with broccoli, meatballs, whatever. Home-cooked meals.

Food that you can tell what the ingredients are. I'm not a fan of processed foods. Don't get me wrong, I love chimichangas as much as the next guy, but I usually try not to eat stuff like packaged burritos, hot pockets, etc.

I prefer heartier foods. Bread, Meat, Vegetables, Cheese. Fruit for desert. Simple things I guess.

Doesn't really sound restaraunt worthy, but spiced right, anything can be restaraunt worthy.

Writer's Block: Mind reader
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In three words, describe what's currently running through your mind.

GTA, Candy, Pie.

Kinda cheated b/c GTA is an abbreviation. lol

Now I wanna add music to it. Meh.

I fail.

Writer's Block: School Daze
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What was your worst experience in middle school or high school? Did it have a lasting effect on you? Do you think you learned anything positive from it?

I actually didn't have a very hard time in either middle or high school. Mostly because I honestly didn't give a shit about other people.

Throughout middle school I did have friends, just not really close ones. And I didn't really care. I was content to spend my lunch period reading a book than trying to hang out with people or worrying about them liking me.

In high school... my worst experience in high school was completely and totally my own fault. I was in the student government, some low-level position no one else wanted (I wasn't very involved, just showed up every once in a while, and maybe helped out behind the scenes at rallies) and I was in charge of setting up teacher's appreciation night.

Anyways, I was supposed to pick which students had to do clean-up after and wash the dishes. I got a list of the students who had the lowest grades in the leadership class and wrote up a note to let them know they had the job. Unfortunately, I sent out a ...pretty rude version of the note. So 11 or 12 students got a note from me basically berating them for not doing enough in the class, and demanding they do the assigned job at the event.

It was chaos.

Parents called to complain to the leadership advisor about their kids getting rude notes. It was humiliating. The teacher wouldn't let me make individual apologies either. She gathered all 12 of them in the classroom, along with herself and the activities administrator and I had to publicly apologize.

I had no time to prepare so I just stood there for a few minutes and ...kinda lied my ass off. Said that I hadn't meant to send that particular note. It was a printing error. That note was just for venting and wasn't meant to be sent out.

...then I cried.

Don't laugh at that! Even though I'm laughing right now.  It wasn't like bawling and sobbing, but my eyes watered and my nose got stuffy... real 'macho-crying' lol.

At the time, I was crying because I was just pissed that I was in trouble, I was embarrassed about the apology, I was embarrassed that I had even sent the note in the first place.

I hate crying, especially in front of other people. So... yeah. I pussed out.

On the plus side, the tears did gain me some pity points, I guess they assumed they were tears of genuine remorse. Unfortunately, I'm not that nice of a person. lol 

Anyways, most everyone forgave me for my 'printing error' as I called it. And after a short talk with the advisor of the group about controlling my emotions and maybe writing several versions of anything I might make public, not writing under the influence of emotion, etc... I was free to go with no other ramifications.

And THAT, my friends, was my worst high school experience.

It's actually not that bad compared to other stories I've heard, but that's because I'm not a person who *needs* people. I'm a bit of a loner, I never actually went looking for friends or popularity. I just didn't care much. So... yeah, I don't know how to conclude this little... thing, so ...


Writer's Block: Sheldon and Penny 4ever!
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Fanfiction: Do you love it or hate it, or are you totally indifferent? Why?

I have to say that I love fanfiction. Honesty is a virtue and all that, but I'd never admit it in person! lol My friends would beat me to death!!! lol

Okay, probably not, we're all a bit nerdy.

But, yeah, I like fanfiction. Some people, people who probably haven't read much, only see it as a way for overly obsessive fans to disrespect canon and the original author.

It's not though. Fanfiction is for people who fell so far in love with an author's work that they couldn't bear to see it end. It's a way for people to reimmerse themselves in the universe they love and this time they have a say in what goes on.

Take Harry Potter for example. It's probably the most popular fandom out there. There are so many possibilities offered up in that universe. So many underdeveloped characters, so many opportunites to change the entire HP universe with one or two little tweaks to the plot.

Fanfiction is just harmless fun that helps people deal with the disappointments that sometimes come from the canon world the author offers. Either the fans feel the author ended it too soon, ended it the wrong way, maybe they just don't like how the author treated a certain character. Sometimes they just want to follow the original plotline further into the future. Sometimes they just want more. More of the universe, more of a certain character, just more of what they love.

So they create it themselves. Nothing wrong with imagination.

Personally, I respect the canon version of everything I read/watch and just like to see the other options, the other possibilities the fanon world offers to the reader. I'd never say, "Oh, Harry Potter should have ended this way." But I will say, "What if Harry Potter had ended this way." I don't like to try and replace canon, I just like to explore fanon.

Now, this was probably disjointed and rambling, but meh. That's a freewrite for ya.

Of Impromptu Road Trips, Charlie Horses, and Ganja Brownies
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So... THAT was a party! lol

Thursday night, around 9ish, I get a phone call from an old friend of mine. Turns out she her aunt is getting married next week and she needed to get to the bachelorette party in Felton. She thought that she could check out the flea market in Santa Cruz while we were in the area because she'd never been to Santa Cruz.

...My mind exploded a bit when she told me that. I was under the impression that EVERYONE's been there. I'm a bit biased though, as it's one of my favorite places in the world. It took me ten minutes to understand that meant she'd also never been to the Boardwalk and an additional fifteen to get that meant she'd never been on the Giant Dipper. :0

So, she picked me up at 230 Friday morning and we started off. (Oh! I should explain why she wanted me to go with her!) She's got a kid, who she left with her boyfriend, and most of her female friends from school have kids to watch too so they couldn't make it. So, as a last resort, she called me up to see if I was free. There was also the bonus that I know my way around Santa Cruz pretty well, and could get us from here to there without getting us lost, taking a wrong turn, being eaten by hillbilly cannibals.

We got to SC okay, around 530ish, but the flea market doesn't open up until around 6 so we sit awhile. Then awhile more. Then we ask some guy why they're still closed and he says they won't open until AFTER 7. ...So we showed up almost 3 hours early, then we get into the flea market and make barely any money, like, enough to pay for gas, entry fee, and a drink to split! lol No food for us. :(

Then this nice older/hippy lady felt bad for us and brought us half a dozen cinnamon rolls from her house, and two oranges! Then we get directions to downtown Santa Cruz and I'm on such a sugar high that after she's done downtown I let her drive BACK through to Soquel and take the freeway to get to the Boardwalk. (Downtown is, like, 3 blocks from the Boardwalk) We had some parking trouble, then walk down to check ticket prices for the rides. 

Realizing we don't have beachwear we hop back in her car go pick up some sunscreen, find a thrift store and buy a couple pairs of shorts and some sandals for her. (I prefer barefoot) I made her let me get these high school gym shorts from Escondido High School, JUST because I didn't go there and I've never been to Escondido.

We drive back to the Boardwalk and she changes in the car, making me block the windshield and side windows with my jacket, blanket, and my back. Then she calls ME crazy because I just changed my pants right next to the car. I had underwear on, and this was Santa Cruz! No one cares. lol

We went, I forced her onto the Giant Dipper, she was petrified, wouldn't put her hands up. She kept them wrapped around the lap bar the whole time. When we got off her hands were shaking like crazy and she couldn't stop babbling.

...So, like the good friend that I am, I called her puss then ran across the beach and jumped in the ocean. ...Shows my priorities. (Don't worry, karma came back and bit me in the ass.) We hung out on the beach for a while. She pussed out. AGAIN. And wouldn't go in the water. Too cold she says.

So after a couple really good waves we walk back to the car and she needs to stop at the bathroom. I notice that one of my earrings is missing and get pissed because at the rate I'm losing the my gauge is gonna start going down. It was one of my favorites too! My grey/softgel/tunnels that I got when I first jumped up to a double zero. I guess it got ripped out in the waves. Anyways I stop to change them and when I go to bick up my backpack I suddenly get a MASSIVE charlie horse in my right calf! (the karma I alluded to earlier) and I just collapse on the wooden deck area right off the beach.

Marie, my friend, comes back and is like, "kay! Let's go!" All chipper and happy and god-fucking-dammit my leg hurts so fucking much! and I yell at her to shut the fuck up and gimme a goddam minute! haha I'm laughing now, but at the time I was so completely serious.  So she's complaining that were gonna run outta time on our meter and I'm like, "The car is half a block away around a corner, go get it and I'll fucking crawl in!" But no. She's afraid to walk half a block in the most laid-back/relaxed city this side of Jamaica.

She makes me hurry it along and limp to the car with my foot all siezed up. The only bright point was that my jaw didn't hurt from smiling so much anymore, because I'd stopped smiling.

My gauge was fixed, my leg was functioning (mostly), and I got my revenge for her not giving a shit by getting her seat wet in the car.

Next we drove to Felton, it's all windy roads and forest, and sharp little drops offs. It's like hiker's heaven up there. There's one trail I've done a few times that it made me think of again that goes from the east side of the mountains, over the top, and drops you like 100yds from the beach. It's a nice little 12 or 13 miles and I'm thinking I might like to do THAT for my birthday if I do anything.

We get to the cabin her aunt had rented and she answers the door already 3 sheets to the wind. haha They had a two foot tall bottle of tequila already more than half gone with only two women in the building! They'd been drinking since about 10am I guess. So her aunt's babbling and slurring something about male energy at the bachelorette party, and it's cool, and she's just glad Marie didn't get lost on the way and next I know I've got my very own orange plastic tiki shot-glass and it's full to rim.

Three shots later people start showing up and the 3rd or 4th lady there brings in a tray of brownies with a warning label on them.  Next thing I know I've had four brownies, another couple of shots, a glass of vodka and coke, there's a pipe going around, and when I reach a certain point... when I get high enough I kinda go what I like to call 'Super-Nerd.'

I went running to the back room to dig through my backpack to find my notebook and a pencil and suddenly I'm in the corner of the room writing page after page after page for no reason. At the time I'm not exactly sure what I write, just whatever passes through my mind at the time, people keep asking me about it and I'm trying my best to explain, then I get another brownie and forget what I was saying, what I was writing. I keep going back a reading over it then trying to complete a sentence I wrote a page and a half ago.

Someone at the party tried to convince me how creative it was and how I should definitely be an author because of it. Someone else got paranoid and thought I was some sort of nerd/narc taking notes for court or something, Evidence against them.

Next I'm aware I'm asleep on the hardwood floor by the fireplace. It's six am and I'm moving to the pullout in the living room.  We got up and left around 8. Just a couple hours sleep. We grab our stuff and start the drive home.

We get to Watsonville, I used to live there too, and I think I was still pretty high at that point because I got this sudden, really fierce urge to go to this burrito shop I remember from a decade ago. (Hector's in Watsonville) So we hunt it down, get our food, and then I realize I left my t-shirt and swim trunks up at the cabin, but it's way to late to drive back up.

So we ignore it, then take the long, scenic highway home. We get there and meh. I made 15 bucks, got to go on a roller coaster, jump in the ocean, had free tequila, and free goodies, and got to get burritos I've remembered since I was 9 so... all in all I'd say it was a success for an impromptu trip.

I went to bed as soon as I got home, got up for dinner, then slept until almost noon today. My face and lips are sunburned and my right leg hurts like bitch, but I've go no hangover, no mysterious tattoos, and I'm pretty sure I didn't have sex with any random people. (I WAS in a confined space with a bunch of women, I think it's safe to say nothing happened, lol)

I'll give that a low 7 on the Awesome Road Trip Scale. (which I just invented right now.)

And now, I think this post is long enough. I wanted to get it all down before I start forgetting. I'm gonna go read my 30 pages of ganja induced creativity, I'll let you all know if I ...idk invented the cure for the common cold, designed a more efficient mousetrap, or figured out cold fusion.


Writer's Block: App Appreciation
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How many apps do you have on your mobile phone? Which apps do you use the most?

Honestly, I just use the internet explorer button. I hardly even use it to call people. Just surf all day.

Writer's Block: Nirvana
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What is your favorite place in the world? What makes it so meaningful to you? How often do you visit or imagine being there?

I've got quite a few of them really.

One is my room. I'll be moving in a few months but I think I can replicate the feeling quite well by now. I'm a notorious insomniac so I like to keep my room dark during the day, shut the door to block out the noise from the rest of my family, and just relax.

Another is Santa Cruz. I love both the bright, colorful, party, Boardwalk part and the quiet, woodsy, beach, relaxing part. I go any chance I get.

Another is Yosemite. I've gone there every summer for the past five years. Camping, hiking, climbing, swimming in the snow melt! lol  SO cold! I have such great memories from there.

I"m sure I have more, but atm I don't know.


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