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Ugh! Billy Idol was NOT in the Sex Pistols!!! >:[
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Holy Batman's Cowl!

I was putting on my Sex Pistols tee and my I asked my sister if she liked Sid Vicious; she has the audacity to come back with, "Who?"

THAT ALONE nearly ended me. So I tell her it's the guy on my shirt, the bass player for the Sex Pistols, ... his name is ON the shirt. She says, ...*shudder*, "Oh... I thought that was Billy Idol."

And I died.

I explain that Billy was in Generation X, NOT the Sex Pistols, and point out the name on the shirt. I pull up a picture of each to compare and she says, "Meh. They look alike. I've never even heard Billy Idol's music."

As if that wasn't enough, my other sister, also seventeen, sees the picture of Billy and asks, "Who's this dude on the computer who looks like a chick?"

I was on the verge of tears, metaphorically of course, when my mother's friend chimes in with, "I don't even know who EITHER of those people are."

*deep, mournful sigh* I just realized I am surrounded my soulless, no-taste-in-music-having-zombies.

I think I'll retreat to the Batcave, queue up my mp3 to classic hits and punk rock, and cry for a few hours. I weep not for myself, but for those who live in ignorance of the gods.

And in this case, ignorance is far from bliss.


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