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Writer's Block: Bitter aftertaste
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Do you judge people based on their taste in music? How has musical taste either enhanced or detracted from your relationships (including friends, roommates, and romantic partners)?

I probably *do* judge people, in fact, I'm sure I do. But musical tastes are just a piece of the puzzle. I'd never say, "Oh he likes hip-hop? Douche!" and then write them off.

Music *is* a big part of everyone's life (I should hope). But it's never the whole thing, and most of the time not even the most important thing in a person's life.

I've been friends with people who like things I don't, and people who don't like what I do, but it never really gets in the way. We just talk about other things; movies, news, school, whatever.

If I'm in a situation where I'm forced to listen to something I don't like for the sake of the company I'm keeping, I can usually deal. Just try to focus on nothing but the bass and tune out the rest. Worst case scenario, I pop in my headphones and focus on that.

It's fantastic when you realize you and your friends have similar musical tastes! I live for that moment when your eyes widen in delight, and you share twin grins realising you've found yet another musical soul mate!!

The feeling I get when I find another person who gets how amazing N'Sync is *still* a great band, or when I find another person who LOVES The Clash as much as I do, or someone who just knows who Sigur Ros is, or... Christ. There're so many examples I could toss out. I love sharing music with people, finding something new to listen to, something old and obscure that's absolutely genius and that you love with everything you have... oh god. It's almost orgasmic. (Hey look! *What?* Over there! *What? Where* That right there! That last line. *What about it?* That's you, going to far. Way to cross the line, freak. *_sheepish_ Sorry* You'd better be. Now watch it.)


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